Distributed knowledge and the organization of economic activity

Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory PDF 

Monetary dynamics in a network economy 

Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control Appendix PDF

(with Antoine Mandel) 

The economic cost of COVID lockdowns: An out-of-equilibrium analysis

Economics of Disasters and Climate Change PDF

(with Antoine Mandel)

The price effects of monetary shocks in a network economy

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organisation PDF

(with Antoine Mandel and Davoud Taghawi-Nejad)


Spatial competition with interacting agents

International Journal of Microsimulation PDF

(with Bertrand Ottino-Loer, Forrest Stonedahl, and Uri Wilensky)

Coordination in centralized and decentralized systems

International Journal of Microsimulation PDF

The complexity of coordination 

The Eastern Economic Journal PDF

(with Davoud Taghawi-Nejad)

Out-of-equilibrium dynamics with heterogeneous capital goods

New Mathematics and Natural Computation PDF