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Do granular shocks generate sizeable aggregate volatility?

SSRN Working Paper No. 4677038




Transient dynamics of the COVID lockdown on India's production network

Journal of Economic Internaction and Coordination PDF


Disequilibrium propagation of quantity constraints: An application to the COVID lockdowns

Macroeconomic Dynamics PDF

Distributed knowledge and the organization of economic activity

Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory PDF 

Monetary dynamics in a network economy 

Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control  PDF | Appendix


The economic cost of COVID lockdowns: An out-of-equilibrium analysis

Economics of Disasters and Climate Change PDF

The price effects of monetary shocks in a network economy

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organisation PDF

Spatial competition with interacting agents

International Journal of Microsimulation PDF

Coordination in centralized and decentralized systems

International Journal of Microsimulation PDF

The complexity of coordination 

The Eastern Economic Journal PDF

Out-of-equilibrium dynamics with heterogeneous capital goods

New Mathematics and Natural Computation PDF

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